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Reading is one of life's passions for me, I enjoy YA/fantasy/paranormal/occult romance/supernatural books as well varous others.


I have done several ARC & BETA reads, reviews can be found on Amazon.co.uk/com - Raven.FP & goodreads. I find ARC & BETA reading an enjoyable past time in that I get to do something that I adore but I get to help out in little ways. I know my reviews matter & I donmy little bit to help promote the books


I have decided to get into jewellery making and find I like several media's i.e. wirework, polymer clay and beadwork to name a few.  I left my job working with the elderly due to a chronic pain illness.  Doing the jewellery making allows me to work when my body allows.  I love the art of creating work. 


Hubby & I moved to France from the UK to better our health, I have a chronic pain illness and the warmth helps & hubby (Chris) is a retired from the police. I used to work with the elderly (supporting them to live in their own home with safety and security), I do miss it but am happy here.


Destiny's Revenge (Destiny #2) by Nancy Straight

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Destiny's Revenge - Nancy Straight

Good grief, I thought my book hangover was bad from the first one but I just know that after I've finished this series, it's going to be AWFUL!

This book starts where Meeting Destiny finished, Lauren wakes up from a coma and realises that her life has changed in a dramatic way, not the least of which is that Max is no longer around. Through twists, turns and emotional upheaval of both good and bad varieties, Lauren makes it out of the nursing home and tries to put her life back in order. I won't say anymore about the story for fear of spoiling it for others before they have read it.

So... how did this book make me feel? There is no easy answer to that as I wanted to keep on reading it, yet was impatient for the ending to see what happened. There is not a single dull moment in the story and your adrenaline will be racing at points. Lauren is simply amazing. She is strong-willed and very determined that she will have a 'normal' life. The thing I simply LOVED about this, is that Nancy Straight is not afraid to make you, the reader, ask questions. She writes in this book that the concept of good and evil, white and black, is instilled in us from childhood. Life is simply not like that. Life is all about balance. If you do not experience the dark then you will not appreciate the light. So some of the conversations in the book with Samael and Dakota were fascinating for their insights and perspectives given.

This series continues to be one of the most unusual that I have read. I am thoroughly enjoying every page and speaking of which, if you'll excuse me. I have Book 3, Destiny's Wrath, to start!

Source: http://sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/merissa-reviews/destinysrevengedestinyseries2bynancystraight

Meeting Destiny (Destiny #1) by Nancy Straight

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Meeting Destiny - Nancy Straight

Right, first things first - I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I stayed up all night to finish it, even turning down an episode of Game of Thrones to carry on reading. I was completely enthralled during the story, completely gutted that it had ended (and boy, what an ending!) and had such a book hangover that I dreamed about the story!

This book is a cross between young adult, paranormal, romance and suspense - all written from the first perspective of Lauren. I loved the explanation given to her of the different roles in life but I won't say anymore as I don't want to spoil it.

The story kicks off from page one and will wrap you up until the end. I loved how it was written and the pace was absolutely right. The characters are in-depth and Max, well, *sigh*, I think he's brilliant, I can't say more than that.

The next two are definitely on my wishlist and I will be looking for more from this author.


Source: http://sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/merissa-reviews/meetingdestinydestinyseries1bynancystraight

Destiny's Wrath (Destiny #3) by Nancy Straight

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Destiny's Wrath  - Nancy Straight
How on earth do I review this book? Nothing I write will compare to the standard of Nancy's writing and will get the point across of how deeply this book and series have made an impact. Okay, here we go. This review is about this book but obviously as it is the final one, then I will make comments about the series as a whole. The book starts with Max and Lauren actually enjoying a peaceful time of it but then Max opens a newspaper and the ride commences.

In this book you learn a bit more about the Council and the Cabinet and even more about Lauren's role with both of them. You meet some other members of the Cabinet who are nowhere near as 'nice' as Dakota is. Other new characters have a big role in this book as Lauren and Max try to figure out whether Samael is still being hosted by Jimmy or not. Lauren and Max are now closer than they have ever been and are working as a team. This makes it a joy to read as it is what I have hoped for since the first book. Lauren is still very strong in her convictions and doesn't allow Dakota/Doubt much influence over her. Max is strong enough to be a solid partner for Lauren and yes, I am still as much in love with him as I was in the first book as well!

This book is mainly about Samael and how they can sort things out... what are their options? Will an innocent have to be murdered in order to destroy Samael? What about the balance that is needed? Read this book and you will get the answers you need (and I do mean need). Samael really is a nasty piece of work and you will be on tenterhooks throughout the book as his story moves on.

All in all, all the loose ends are tied up. Lauren and Max explain things to each other (and therefore the reader) in a way that it all makes sense. Is it a Happy Ever After? I'm not saying. All I will say is that this was the perfect ending to a fantastic series that I am so glad I have read.



Source: http://sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/merissa-reviews/destinyswrathdestinyseries3bynancystraight

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Betrayed, will Lil find out who betrayed her.

Just like Ednah's other books, you will find it hard to put this down.


Lil is not your average 16 year old teenager. She is a powerful psi guardian like her grandfather and they hunt demons. Lil came into her powers when she turned 16 and knew nothing of this life until her powers came forth. She is a descendant of the Nephilim who are part Angel part human. Lil is very strong willed and will often speak her mind and she will not hold back even if it may offend slightly, she is also very witty and can be sarcastic as well which at times is quite funny, the commentary that goes on in her head just adds to her strength of character and sarcasm. She is a very caring teenager who is loyal to those she loves and her friends.


Lil and Bran have an amazing connection and just when you think they are working towards a steady relationship he seems to be hiding something and it is coming between them. Bran just wants to be a guardian like his grandfather before him but he has to prove he has no hidden agenda wanting to leave his demon life behind. His love for his brother Gavyn and sister Celeste is sweet to say he is part demon. Celeste and Lil are of the same age and become friends.


Lil finds out that one of her friends has developed a supernatural ability and she has to work out who it is as it may be detrimental to that persons wellbeing. How will she tell that person when she finds out who it is?


Lil's evil father is trying to come between Lil and the trust she has with her friends and family, but will she be fooled into mistrusting everyone.


When the characters suffered painful emotions I felt it with them and when they loved and laughed I was there too. Ednah just has this way of pulling you into the story so that you live and breath each of the characters even when you are not reading the book until you have finished.


I have already downloaded the next book so am off to read it now. The books are so addictive!!

Awakened - Ednah Walters

This book draws you in from page 1 and does not stop until the end.


I want a grandpa like Ares.


I was not sure what to expect from this book after reading the runes series also written by Ednah Walters, but I was pleasantly surprised again to read such a thoroughly enjoyable book. I was captivated from page one and although there were a couple of times I wanted to tell Lil to get on with it I do understand why she was crying, a lot (I would have been to). It must have been a wee bit of a shock to find out the secret her grandfather had hidden from her all her life.


I am glad bad guy daddy was not killed off, I am dying to read how or if their relationship progresses.


The characters are great. I love that Kim and Lil have their snide comments at each other. Sykes and Remy come across as the cool big brother types and kind of do take Lil under their wing.


Lil and Bran, what can I say about the two of them.  They are just so amazing together, the chemistry they share is something we as humans dream of (did you see what I did there lol human).


This was a very well written book, I love Ednah's writing style, she draws the reader deep into the story from the first few pages making the reader feel that the book is their reality and their reality is fictional, well just for the duration of the book that is.  I am so addicted to her other series and have now developed an addiction for this series, I think I just need to lock myself away and read read read!!!

Ok review written off to download the next one. :-))))

Witches, Witch Hunters and Demons OH MY

Vengeance: Book Two of The Meadowsweet Chronicles - Katie M John

Brilliant, another great book from Katie.




Have your tissues at the ready!!


Following on from book one we sadly see the family say goodbye to poor Swan, it may be for the benefit of the safety of Swan, to save her from the witch hunter but I was still welling up early on in the book.


We see all the main characters dealing with their own dramas in different areas yet they are all in some part connected. When it is all put together it makes for a brilliant story with pretty much no let up in the drama.


Bunny and Fox are learning more about what powers they possess and have gone back to basics in order to learn more about the family history and the magic they hold. Bunny meets what she thinks is a great guy and has decided she no longer wants to go to school as she wants to concentrate on learning her craft and helping her mum out in the shop where they sell homemade beauty products etc. this does not go down to well. Fox is fighting how she feels for Jeremiah and likewise he is doing the same.


Jeremiah has been seeing ghosts and it has really put him on edge. Add to that the fact that his sister has been kidnapped and he could be bordering on a breakdown. There is only one course of action open to him and it is what the Ravenheart sisters are demanding of him if he wants to see his sister alive. There is only one person that can help him but will Fox help or tell him he is on his own.


Who or what is the evil threat that Fox and Bunny keep sensing and has Swan settled in in her new surroundings.


Eagerly awaiting the next instalment.

Spirit Animal Morphers

How The Wolf Lost Her Heart - Sarah Brownlee

How The Wolf Lost Her Heart is a dystopian novel set way in the future in the year of 2217.


It is set in a future London following many years of riots an agreement is put in place between the two powerful factions in the area following the loss of many lives from both sides. Certain areas of London are now overrun with thugs who will openly kill, rape and murder as there are no repercussions (or so they think).


Skye Archer and Raphael Renzo are both morphers who are both able to transform into their spirit animals, wolf and tiger. Skye is more secretive of her gift as opposed to Raphael who fully embraces his inner tiger and is proud of who he is.


The ability to morph has been passed down the generation to the same blood line but has been known to skip a generation.


Skye comes across as one of those kids who know it all yet know nothing. She will verbally attack others yet becomes petulant when they try to do the same. Skye is working to save enough money to eventually work with wild animals.

Raphael on the other hand is more laid back. He is plotting to take out the head of a group of thugs who are determined to bring violence back into the fold. Raphael comes from a rich background and has no need of work but he does have a job.

I struggled through the first few pages but once I got into I found it so hard to put down and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. That Skye made me want to throttle and/or shake her at times and Raphael shows how well written the characters are.

I will most definitely be looking for the next book. Once I saw the cover I kind of fell in love with the book anyway.

I would recommend this book to everybody, it is a great read


So many witches, I love it

Witchcraft: Book One of The Meadowsweet Chronicles - Katie M. John



This was a definite can't put down book.


The Ravenheart witches were very strong willed and I loved the way in which Katie wrote their dark side. I would love to read a book with them as the main characters. They each have their own individual characteristics.


The Meadowsweet witches were softer and more likable characters and the sibling rivalry was written really well. I know this having two younger sisters lol. I can't wait to read more on how the relationship between Jeremiah and Fox progresses with the new love hate status. It feels like they are meant to be together. I so hope they are but time will tell.
Swan is such a gentle being, who would have thought that would happen OMG I really hope she has not been affected.
Bunny is your usual younger sister having her version of temper tantrums but she hid her gifts well. Go Bunny.

I love that the history of the families are connected way back in time and have been enemy covens for so long. And add to that the witch hunters. Now he was a nasty piece of work. Will Jeremiah follow suit or will he fight what is in his bloodlines.

The book draws you in from the first page to the last. It leaves you with a feeling of despondency just because it ended so if you are thinking about reading this book I would advise downloading the next one. I am just off to do that. Happy reading.



Demon's - Eirik meets his parents in Hel.

— feeling amazing



I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.


Well here I am writing my review for Demons which saddens me as this means I have come to the end.


Eirik, WOW, he now kinda rocks my world, he is totally badass. He used to be a nice guy and his best friend was Raine, from previous books within the Runes series. Eirik grows both mentally and physically and accepts who and what he is.


We find that Eirik is put in a position where he comes face to face with his parents, Baldur and Hel his, Goddess of this realm, mother. He had no idea what to expect, neither did I let me tell you. The way Ednah describes Hel (the Goddess not the place) shows her to be a very strong and powerful character who is stunningly captivating and scary as HEL, but she does have her softer side.. Baldur is the opposite of Hel, quieter yet is more approachable but he has his owns strengths as you will see.


We also get to meet the lovely Celestia, a young and powerful witch who has impressive gifts kinda makes me so want to be her. She has a habit of talking a lot. She has managed to do what many before her have tried by traveling across the realms and into Hel. Celestia and Eirik interact a lot in the book so we get a good look at who they are, and how they interact with all the other character and how they themselves interact.

I love the whole description of Hel and the people that live there, I'm thinking of going there for my next holiday (I wish)!! Seriously you will fall in love with the place, the only downside is it is a bit cold.

I must admit that when I heard that this book was coming out I was hoping to have Raine in it too but, and I'm sorry about this, I did not miss her or any of the other character from within the Runes series. This book just adds more flavour to the series and we get to meet new character who you will either love or hate and it has in it my most favourite of mythical creatures. Now that was a surprise I must say, a nice one for me.


This book gives us an explanation of the happenings after Eirik agreed to go to Hel's Hall with the delectable Echo, sorry its a cameo role for him, but we do get to see Rhys again. It would be advisable to read the other books in the series if you have not already to get yourself to where Demons will start at. They are all the most amazing reads, each one better than the next. You will be left gagging for the next book as I am right now. Next year, its just to far away to have to wait.


The book is written in the dual point of view, Celestia and Eirik but Ednah has made sure that it works well as she always does.
Happy reading everyone.

The Drafter (The Peri Reed Chronicles #1) by Kim Harrison

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The Drafter - Kim Harrison



Detroit 2030. Double-crossed by the person she loved and betrayed by the covert government organization that trained her to use her body as a weapon, Peri Reed is a renegade on the run.

Don’t forgive and never forget has always been Peri’s creed. But her day job makes it difficult: she is a drafter, possessed of a rare, invaluable skill for altering time, yet destined to forget both the history she changed and the history she rewrote.

When Peri discovers her name on a list of corrupt operatives, she realizes that her own life has been manipulated by the agency. She joins forces with a mysterious rogue soldier in a deadly race to piece together the truth about her final task, unable to trust even herself.


my though


Being a big Kim Harrison fan I was excited to get to start on her new series after “The Hollows Series” ended.

I must say the beginning was a little confusing, we get thrown right into Peri’s world and that is a little different than ours, with the drafters and anchors. Plus learning all the characters on who is who and does what. But I got the hang of it pretty fast. Though there were still times throughout the book it got a little hard to keep up and confusing (to me).

Who is Peri? We know she is a drafter (a person that can shift time) and she is super strong and wont let much bother her. She can kick ass. She is witty and snarky. She is smart.

She has an anchor ( a person that restores lost memories) who is also her lover,  she has a mother who might or might not have been a drafter ?! That is about all we learn from Peri in this first book. We don’t learn much about her but maybe that is because she is not sure who or what she is anymore as the books goes on. Peri is also the most lied to woman I have read about in a long time. She can’t trust anybody but the bad thing is, half the time she forgets it. I really felt for Peri and really was rooting for her.

We also have Silas, Jack, Bill, Howard and Taf and her mother. All of those people are major players in this book but you never know who to trust and who to shoot.  But I don’t want to accidently spoil something about any of them so I won’t say much about either of them. Except Taf, I love her for some reason, even if we do or do not know if we can trust her.

This book was defiantly a world builder, we get to know a lot more about their world than the characters. Sometime it seemed a bit much and I would have loved to learn more about the characters and Peri, herself. I’m really hoping for more character development in the next book, like with most of her books.  

Overall, I liked the book, it had suspense, action, some really good twists (even though I saw some coming), and some humor but not as much. This book was a bit darker compared to other books she has written.  It was not my favorite book she ever written but by far not the worst. I thought the last few chapters were the best and things got finally rolling.

It does have a wicked cliffhanger and makes me want to read book two.

I really want to know where this series is heading and will defiantly read book two.

My rating isn’t the best, just because I wished we had more of Peri and learn more and little to much world building for me in this book. But that might be different for everyone and most people might love it.

I rate it 3 ½ ★


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