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Reading is one of life's passions for me, I enjoy YA/fantasy/paranormal/occult romance/supernatural books as well varous others.


I have done several ARC & BETA reads, reviews can be found on Amazon.co.uk/com - Raven.FP & goodreads. I find ARC & BETA reading an enjoyable past time in that I get to do something that I adore but I get to help out in little ways. I know my reviews matter & I donmy little bit to help promote the books


I have decided to get into jewellery making and find I like several media's i.e. wirework, polymer clay and beadwork to name a few.  I left my job working with the elderly due to a chronic pain illness.  Doing the jewellery making allows me to work when my body allows.  I love the art of creating work. 


Hubby & I moved to France from the UK to better our health, I have a chronic pain illness and the warmth helps & hubby (Chris) is a retired from the police. I used to work with the elderly (supporting them to live in their own home with safety and security), I do miss it but am happy here.


Spirit Animal Morphers

How The Wolf Lost Her Heart - Sarah Brownlee

How The Wolf Lost Her Heart is a dystopian novel set way in the future in the year of 2217.


It is set in a future London following many years of riots an agreement is put in place between the two powerful factions in the area following the loss of many lives from both sides. Certain areas of London are now overrun with thugs who will openly kill, rape and murder as there are no repercussions (or so they think).


Skye Archer and Raphael Renzo are both morphers who are both able to transform into their spirit animals, wolf and tiger. Skye is more secretive of her gift as opposed to Raphael who fully embraces his inner tiger and is proud of who he is.


The ability to morph has been passed down the generation to the same blood line but has been known to skip a generation.


Skye comes across as one of those kids who know it all yet know nothing. She will verbally attack others yet becomes petulant when they try to do the same. Skye is working to save enough money to eventually work with wild animals.

Raphael on the other hand is more laid back. He is plotting to take out the head of a group of thugs who are determined to bring violence back into the fold. Raphael comes from a rich background and has no need of work but he does have a job.

I struggled through the first few pages but once I got into I found it so hard to put down and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. That Skye made me want to throttle and/or shake her at times and Raphael shows how well written the characters are.

I will most definitely be looking for the next book. Once I saw the cover I kind of fell in love with the book anyway.

I would recommend this book to everybody, it is a great read