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Reading is one of life's passions for me, I enjoy YA/fantasy/paranormal/occult romance/supernatural books as well varous others.


I have done several ARC & BETA reads, reviews can be found on Amazon.co.uk/com - Raven.FP & goodreads. I find ARC & BETA reading an enjoyable past time in that I get to do something that I adore but I get to help out in little ways. I know my reviews matter & I donmy little bit to help promote the books


I have decided to get into jewellery making and find I like several media's i.e. wirework, polymer clay and beadwork to name a few.  I left my job working with the elderly due to a chronic pain illness.  Doing the jewellery making allows me to work when my body allows.  I love the art of creating work. 


Hubby & I moved to France from the UK to better our health, I have a chronic pain illness and the warmth helps & hubby (Chris) is a retired from the police. I used to work with the elderly (supporting them to live in their own home with safety and security), I do miss it but am happy here.


Destiny's Wrath (Destiny #3) by Nancy Straight

Reblogged from MerissaArchaeolibrarian:
Destiny's Wrath  - Nancy Straight
How on earth do I review this book? Nothing I write will compare to the standard of Nancy's writing and will get the point across of how deeply this book and series have made an impact. Okay, here we go. This review is about this book but obviously as it is the final one, then I will make comments about the series as a whole. The book starts with Max and Lauren actually enjoying a peaceful time of it but then Max opens a newspaper and the ride commences.

In this book you learn a bit more about the Council and the Cabinet and even more about Lauren's role with both of them. You meet some other members of the Cabinet who are nowhere near as 'nice' as Dakota is. Other new characters have a big role in this book as Lauren and Max try to figure out whether Samael is still being hosted by Jimmy or not. Lauren and Max are now closer than they have ever been and are working as a team. This makes it a joy to read as it is what I have hoped for since the first book. Lauren is still very strong in her convictions and doesn't allow Dakota/Doubt much influence over her. Max is strong enough to be a solid partner for Lauren and yes, I am still as much in love with him as I was in the first book as well!

This book is mainly about Samael and how they can sort things out... what are their options? Will an innocent have to be murdered in order to destroy Samael? What about the balance that is needed? Read this book and you will get the answers you need (and I do mean need). Samael really is a nasty piece of work and you will be on tenterhooks throughout the book as his story moves on.

All in all, all the loose ends are tied up. Lauren and Max explain things to each other (and therefore the reader) in a way that it all makes sense. Is it a Happy Ever After? I'm not saying. All I will say is that this was the perfect ending to a fantastic series that I am so glad I have read.



Source: http://sites.google.com/site/archaeolibrarian/merissa-reviews/destinyswrathdestinyseries3bynancystraight