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Reading is one of life's passions for me, I enjoy YA/fantasy/paranormal/occult romance/supernatural books as well varous others.


I have done several ARC & BETA reads, reviews can be found on Amazon.co.uk/com - Raven.FP & goodreads. I find ARC & BETA reading an enjoyable past time in that I get to do something that I adore but I get to help out in little ways. I know my reviews matter & I donmy little bit to help promote the books


I have decided to get into jewellery making and find I like several media's i.e. wirework, polymer clay and beadwork to name a few.  I left my job working with the elderly due to a chronic pain illness.  Doing the jewellery making allows me to work when my body allows.  I love the art of creating work. 


Hubby & I moved to France from the UK to better our health, I have a chronic pain illness and the warmth helps & hubby (Chris) is a retired from the police. I used to work with the elderly (supporting them to live in their own home with safety and security), I do miss it but am happy here.



Betrayed, will Lil find out who betrayed her.

Just like Ednah's other books, you will find it hard to put this down.


Lil is not your average 16 year old teenager. She is a powerful psi guardian like her grandfather and they hunt demons. Lil came into her powers when she turned 16 and knew nothing of this life until her powers came forth. She is a descendant of the Nephilim who are part Angel part human. Lil is very strong willed and will often speak her mind and she will not hold back even if it may offend slightly, she is also very witty and can be sarcastic as well which at times is quite funny, the commentary that goes on in her head just adds to her strength of character and sarcasm. She is a very caring teenager who is loyal to those she loves and her friends.


Lil and Bran have an amazing connection and just when you think they are working towards a steady relationship he seems to be hiding something and it is coming between them. Bran just wants to be a guardian like his grandfather before him but he has to prove he has no hidden agenda wanting to leave his demon life behind. His love for his brother Gavyn and sister Celeste is sweet to say he is part demon. Celeste and Lil are of the same age and become friends.


Lil finds out that one of her friends has developed a supernatural ability and she has to work out who it is as it may be detrimental to that persons wellbeing. How will she tell that person when she finds out who it is?


Lil's evil father is trying to come between Lil and the trust she has with her friends and family, but will she be fooled into mistrusting everyone.


When the characters suffered painful emotions I felt it with them and when they loved and laughed I was there too. Ednah just has this way of pulling you into the story so that you live and breath each of the characters even when you are not reading the book until you have finished.


I have already downloaded the next book so am off to read it now. The books are so addictive!!